The little 4 legged things.

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A small walk down Church Street in Burlington, VT.  The weather wasn’t great so it was hard to find something nice to shoot. Sometimes, when I go with the intention of making my outing a photography outing I often come back with less than more.  For example, today. Our trip to Burlington was planned so that we could capture the special golden hour light, but it was just too darn cold and grey.  All that said, socks pulled up and start looking.


One thing I can always count on while in Burlington is the amount of people walking their dogs.  In the winter the dogs are all decked out in coats and boots, and in the summer the pooches get to enjoy a drink of water while their owners enjoy a cold one on  a lovely terrasses.  Their trusty companions by their side.

EDF7ECB3-88A4-442A-8487-474655ACA9ACThere is always something so funny in the dogs faces when the dog watches you take their picture.  It’s like they are asking me why I am are in their space.   I typically ask owners for permission to take pictures of their dogs but sometimes you don’t have time.



646556A9-8DC3-4675-B3B9-589CEF25D974Dogs really are man’s and woman’s best friends. It doesn’t matter the size or breed, they just are.  They are our support and our shoulders to lean on when alone and sad.  They are the happiest to see us when we get home and the saddest to see us leave.  This little Griffon named Rosie was lucky to be carried around today.


My little Chihuahua named Squeakers below is caught licking her lips after eating a chunk of peanut butter during her mini photo shoot.  She looks vicious but is really a sweet little girl.


Courtesy photo: Artwerk Media, Jean Brosseau

I love my dog and love my life.

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