Today is a pampering day.  It’s long overdue but I have a full day booked at the salon for my hair.  Yes, the full day.   I took the plunge a few weeks ago and decided to change salons.   It’s quite the thing.  I’m not sure if it’s the same for men but for women, there is a bond between the hair stylist and client.  It’s a colour treatment, cut, blow-dry and therapy session all booked into one.  The relationship between the customer and hair dresser is truly like a long term couplehood.  Trying out a new salon gives you that “I feel like I’m cheating” feeling.  If it doesn’t work out you have to go back to the old salon and confess.


As I sit here with multiple layers of dye goop cooking my hair I can’t help but get carried away in other people’s stories and conversation.  I’m not shy and often join in but also have enough decorum to know when to stay out. In the 2 hours I’ve been here so far I’ve learnt about one woman’s brother’s heart surgery, another is looking at buying a specific hangar on line from Wayfair. Some one else is booking a trip to Bali and the other is discussing her new puppy.  I want to go to Bali.

The hair salon is quite the magical place.   It is so geared to women that even if you are the most solid standing feminist, you can’t help but let yourself go and get “womanly” at the salon.  Please, no hate mail!  It’s the only place where everyone openly discusses life’s problems and celebrations and gasps and laughs run freely through the air.


I’m trying out this new salon Salon Mauve near my place, well it’s not new but I am new to them. I was instantly greeted with a coffee choice of which I chose cappuccino,  and the promise of a glass of wine if I’m still around late afternoon.  At this point I was hooked. It wasn’t even about my hair anymore but rather about making me feel comfortable and happy. The set up of a cafe style work station where you can sit and work, read or just chat is fantastic.  I can have my hair done and be productive at the same time instead of,  sitting in front of a mirror for 2 hours staring at the foil in my hair which processing colour but, at the same time keep any alien brain invasion away from my head.

The thing I noticed was that not only did they have hair products for sale but also decorative items.   I assume that they must be on some sort of consignment plan  from a local vendor but I cannot confirm this at this time.  On my next visit I’ll ask more about this  concept.  It’s fantastic and added such a lovely vibe to the place.



Salon Mauve has such a friendly staff.  It’s beautifully decorated in a modern contemporary look  but also has the country charm  that we all love out in our neck of the woods.  There has been a lot of effort put into customer care and it shows.  The staff is beyond knowledgeable and honest,  and I have to say that I am excited about my new look.


Thank you for the wonderful care today!

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#hairbykaitie.v.k, #mashuphaircare

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