A quick jaunt to Cayo Coco, Cuba.  The kids and I spent an exciting week enjoying the beach despite the “Tourista” we all caught.  It didn’t spoil our fun and we truly had a good time.  Iberstar Mojito was our home for the next week.


The beach went on for miles.   We basked in the sun for short spurts and made the most of the ocean.  A little ocean side frisbee and some time spent scuba diving.  It was our first time trying it through the resort and it was worth every minute of it.


We rented a jeep and took some time away from the resort here and there. We did some off roading through dirt and mud and into the mountains in the city of Moron.  Here we spent time at a beautiful ranch overlooking lush greenery.  It was simply breathtaking and the picture is an injustice.  Apparently, this was the place to buy cigars and I sure did.  Hand made by the workers at this ranch.


Here, we jumped on the back of a couple of horses and got the grand tour.  Our horses took us out on the rocky terrain where the cows roamed freely in the streets.  We passed mango groves and picked fresh mangos off the trees.  We were shown how to drink from the mango right there on the spot.  I felt like a kid who was sucking the juice out of a juice box.  No straws necessary.  Later, back at the ranch we sat and chatted with the locals.  I in my broken Spanish and them  in their broken English.


A pontoon boat ride to a tiny island where again, we were greeted by smiley local residents who lived on the bare minimum.  We ate a typical Cuban lunch, had some drinks and all the free time we wanted to cuddle the 15 day old puppies.  We compared, shared stories and laughed at how different our cultures are.  Most of it went over all of our heads as no one was fluent but we shared a beautiful afternoon together nonetheless.


We visited a little town called Chambas.  It was hidden between sugar cane plantations and some little run down villages and was tricky to get to.  This was the home town of our guide and we got the inside scoop on all the local gossip.  Before we headed back to our resort we did a quick swing by his mother’s home where she greeted us and provided a little treat for her son who in return gave a big hug.


There was no shortage of cats  and we took advantage of it.  We are big animal lovers and any opportunity to spend time with 4 legged creatures of any kind is a welcome part of our day.


We were surprised at how many cars we saw from the 50’s and 60’s and brands that my kids never heard of.  Lada, Renault and the list goes on.  Not to mention, the colours.  Yesteryear, truly a time of expression and colour.  There was no hiding the plum purples and canary yellows.  Today, these colours stand out in rush hour traffic and receive looks of  “dude, what were you thinking?.  What happened to expression?



We ate, we drank and we laughed.  We made friends from around the world, not just Cuba and that’s always my favourite part of travelling.  It’s meeting people and learning about how their home town compares to the rest of the world.  Vacation is a time of forgetting borders and past rulings, but more about embracing new adventures and cultures. It’s about everyone coming together and having a good time.

Cuba is still on my bucket list as I hope to return one day to visit the rest of this little-big country.



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