Sometimes, I sit and wonder what to write/ blog about.  I wish I had the natural gift of writing.  I sometimes watch movies about women writers and it just looks like it’s the best thing ever.  I see them struggling at their laptop,  a glass of wine or a steaming cup of coffee keeping them company as they pound away at the keys or stare at the screen with empty thoughts.  Some are crying and typing ferociously while others are happy and have nothing to share.  I hear music playing in the background.  It’s usually French cafe style music and the songs are always played on accordions.  I’m thinking that it must be a romantic notion for me as this is what I’m drawn to.


So, tonight I am channelling the movie star writers. I grabbed my laptop and decided to blog. I have the house to myself, I have a glass of red “organic”wine and I will try to be one of these women I dream of and envy for what seems to be a rewarding career.

I have set the stage.  First, music.  Since we don’t have a radio anymore and our lives are run through apps and downloaded music onto our devices  I had to turn to the entertainment system for help.   I turned on the tv and spent close to 20 minutes struggling with the Apple TV looking for the right music. Apple Music didn’t have any French Cafe music! Now what?  Youtube. I spelled out French Cafe accordion music and BINGO!!!!  I found some.  2 hours of uninterrupted accordian music.  Perfect. Plenty of time to write something.   Ironically, being German I grew up with accordian music in my house and I always thought it to be the dullest thing ever.  FYI…….I know how to play an accordian.  So why is it more special when we throw the word “French” in front of it?  Is it because we think of Paris,  sunset walks along the Seine, champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower, café’s and cheese?  I know have no clue .

Untitled Design-17Next up, a comfy chair.  I have decided on the comfy gray lounge chair with pouff. Actually, it’s an ottoman.  I used pouff as it part of tonight’s theme, French.  My legs are crossed and the laptop nicely propped up on a pillow and I notice I’m already out of wine.  Refill!  My glasses are on my face just like in the movies.  All the women writers seem to wear glasses.  Great, I look the part too.  Everything is ready.  Now I wait.  I wait for some exciting thing to pop into my head to share with you but it’s blank.  I wonder if I’m distracted from the music.

Untitled Design-16

I live the life!!!!   It’s 9:40 pm, and I’m exhausted of doing nothing today.  Relieved this blog is not a paying job as I’d be fired.  I wonder if other bloggers out their struggle with keeping up their blogs.

I received a text from my daughter which broke my creative thinking.   We discussed her progress with her and her horse’s training.  While I’m texting her I thinking I need to turn off this accordion music. I’m guessing it only works in the movies, in short spurts.  Instead, I put on a favourite, no brainer movie playing in the back ground just for noise.

Inspiration. I’m still not able to come up with anything special tonight.  I hone into my tv writing mentors and now I feel like those who stare at the empty screen and pound their fists on their laptops out of frustration for lack of creation.  My brain is churning but I’m being drawn into my no brainer movie playing in the background.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better blogging day.









2 Replies to “What to write…….”

  1. I also run into the trouble of not knowing what to write about sometimes. If I’m really desperate what I normally do is, throughout the day as I do things and go places, I try to see things through a blog lens and ask myself if what I’m observing/doing can be expanded into a blog post.

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