We just came back from Roatan, Honduras which is a very popular destination for divers and snorklers.  The ocean surrounding this little island offers beautiful views and adventures underwater.  The memories I have from snorkeling there will be with me forever.  Roatan may be a small island, but it is full of blue skies, breathtaking sunsets and great photo opportunities.  We were happy to be back on this little pleasure island.

Snapseed 19

Snapseed 18

My partner and I spent our days venturing around the island in hopes of capturing that perfect picture.  He is a professional photographer and videographer and I, well I think I’m an up and coming photographer of life.  Not professional, just capturing the things that make me happy.



I’m a lover of animals, nature and tiny little objects. My photos usually consist of furry critters, sometimes children and random people, and lots of odds and ends.  I seek that special little something that stands out and captures my attention and imagination. Being ocean side, there definitely was a lot of beautiful and interesting things to find.


So, it came as a big shock when my partner and I went on our adventure and came across a beach front loaded with plastic bottles, straws, flip-flops and garbage of all kinds.

snapseed-15We drove around and found this little clearing that led us to the front row of the  Caribbean Ocean.  We expected beautiful ocean surf smashing up against the rocks but instead, we were greeted by debris.  It was overwhelming.  This little piece of heaven was not part of a resort or property but rather left alone for nature to take care of itself, as it should.  A rather impossible feat I would think with all this garbage.



We were both speechless. We had a hard time walking close to the water as there were plastic bottles all along the beach front.  We wondered how far down the beach this went.  Where did this all come from?  How many other ocean fronts were covered with plastic like this?snapseed-16

We were not able to walk the entire length of the beach as the terrain was a bit tricky, but as far down as we could see, we saw glistening plastic covering the shoreline. If this is what’s along this portion of the beach, how much is floating around in the ocean?  Now, I know that there is garbage in the ocean and it’s a problem, but I had no idea that there was so much.  It’s rather sickening and disturbing that companies that fill these bottles shown in the pictures above are not working at providing a more efficient and cleaner way of distributing their products.  I wonder, do these multimillion dollar companies feel any remorse for what’s happening to the ocean with their plastics?  It’s not just bottles that washed ashore but it was the most of what was there.

I am so angry and this has consumed my thoughts ever since. It has struck a chord and I feel that I am now on a mission.  I need to do something that fixes this and fast.  For starters, my partner and I have decided to make changes in our daily lives and household.  We are already pretty good with recycling our garbage,  or so I thought, but there is definitely room for improvement.  This is just the first step.

We are pledging to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our house and hope to eliminate the big contributors such as plastic bottles, plastic bags,  straws, plastic cups and cutlery and anything else that we see along the way.

My concern is, who is going to clean up that ocean front?  How can I do it?  I am at a loss for words.

I would love to hear stories about how of you reduce your plastic and garbage in general.

Please see PlasticOceans.org, TheOceanCleanup.com and StrawlessOcean.org

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2 Replies to “Eye opening vacation.”

  1. We no longer buy plastic water bottles (just a few gallons for emergencies) but we use our own either stainless steel or Nalgene bottles to drink from. I also try to either use paper straws or stainless straws or even better — but they come with all my kid’s juice boxes. We also recycle our plastic every week. We could do more. I need to start doing more.

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    1. That’s great Tania. We’ve stopped with the straws and we are now cutting out all plastic bottles. Same goes for the coffee pods. It’s just awful what plastic does to the environment. The other thing that caught my attention the other day was my grocery shopping. I bought a bunch of fruit and veggies and each type required it’s own plastic bag. Now, I’m looking into those reusable mesh bags. Thanks for participating Tania 🙂


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