Ahhhh, winter.  The time of year that brings me the least inspiration, after Christmas that is.  It’s grey, cold and just miserable.  The lack of sun and warmth on my face is depressing and just blah.  I have decided to spend time looking for inspiration at the Jean Talon Market.   snapseed-11I was in search of colour and definitely found it.  Not quite as vibrant as I hoped for but colour, nonetheless.  Jean Talon market was what I needed. snapseed-8

Sometimes, all you really need is a new perspective on things. The morning trip to the market temporarily eased the pain of the last remaining weeks before spring.  I made some purchases and even bought a basket to carry my produce in, mimicking that summer time market feeling.


snapseed-14After January, there is that long stretch to March-April when the weather warms up and things start to thaw and blossom. I say March-April because we just never know which month will bring on the thaw.   I can almost smell the spring flowers.  I already imagine the tulips and daffodils popping up through the frosted earth.  When the snow is gone, things seem much simpler.  No big and heavy clothing.  No scraping and warming up cars.  Everything is easier and more pleasant.


I look forward to sitting on the dock, overlooking the lake and dangling my feet in the water watching a sunrise or sunset.   I imagine the loons in the distance calling for each other, and hearing the laughter and squeals from children jumping in the lake. I imagine campfires and s’mores and dancing fireflies all around. My partner and I BBQ in the winter sometimes, but somehow it lacks the enjoyment of a simple summer BBQ when you’re surrounded but mounds of cold snow.  I miss summer.

pexels-photo-55529I am lucky though as I will be making a brief get-a-way to Roatan, Honduras to recharge for a week.  I am counting the days to March 12.  A week in balmy temperatures and quality time with my partner that both he and I deserve.   Ahhhhh.  I can taste the rum and pineapples already.  Yes, I do realize that I can make a rum and pineapples any time of the year including mid February, but it just lacks that something-something enjoyed in warmer temperatures.  I guess it would be like celebrating Christmas in July.  It’s just not the same. Winter=snow and beaches=summer, ………..and rum and pineapples.

christmas-beach-vacation-panorama-two-sun-loungers-santa-hats-beautiful-tropical-white-sand-perfect-63573575Soon, I’ll prepare the plans of my garden and yard.  This is the summer of building a compost and bat houses.  It’s been put on the discussion table as we sip wine in front of the fire-place. I know, it sounds just horrible. Wine, a crackling fireplace and puffy white snow surrounding our home.  I mean, how can you get tired of this? Well, I’m done with it.  Guess I’m more of a non snow person as I get older.

I think winter would be more appreciated if it weren’t so long and so cold.  Maybe its the time of year for f reflection and planning for new things to come?  In the meantime, think I’ll make a rum and pineapple and go make a hot stew with my colourful market produce.


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