As I sit here in the  -42 frigid Canadian temperatures, I truly look forward to the upcoming year.  2017 was a great year with wonderful stories and fond memories, but I always like adding a number to the new year and seeing if things will be the same or different and how things will change either for good or bad.  I find the new year is always a crap shoot.  Win or lose, just deal with it.  The new year is a growing opportunity even though we don’t always look forward to the unknown challenges ahead.  Growth is good for the soul and teaches the young and old.

I look forward to seeing my children grow this year but also my relationship with my partner of almost 3 years. We’ve been through some tough times, yet we always come out on the other side of the storm.  He and I both have strong opinions, but we compliment each other in our own way.  We like to discover new places together and share a love for photography.  He has shown me how to capture and appreciate the beauty of life through a lens.  Even though time doesn’t stand still, photography captures moments in time allowing you to relive them when feeling nostalgic.


I love Christmas as it’s not so much about enjoying the company of family and friends, but it’s also a time of reflection, relaxation, love and peace.  It’s about sleeping in and random outings.  Coffee and reading in bed before running out.

I enjoy the morning drive to my daughter’s new job and hearing about her day on the ride home.  The same goes for my 15-year-old son who just started a job too.  He loves counting his tips at the end of the evening and talking about the customers he’s had.

Not taking anything away from my partner, but my kids are the two most important people in my life. Their youth keeps me in check and keeps me young.  They let me see things in a different light and still keep my imagination young and fun. Their eyes are my future.  Their enthusiasm and dreams help me reach mine through their bright out look and innocent view on life.  I have enough daily stress, why not enjoy seeing things through the eyes of our youth and find our way back to our dreams.


The count to the new year is on and 3 days away.  This year my partner and I decided to stay home and just be us.  No friends, family or running around.  Just us.  Couple appreciation time.    My kids will be with their dad and his girlfriend (who I think is amazing) and they’ll all be ringing in the new year together.  As for us two, well we’ll be sharing some sparkly champagne and good food while reminiscing about the year we leave behind.

I wish everyone the very best in the new year.  I wish you all love, happiness and great challenges ahead.




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