Our flight from Hamburg to Paris via Eurowings  was just over an hour.  We arrived at  Charles de Gaulle airport  and took the Metro right into Paris.  The travel time was about 20 mins but honestly, I wasn’t really paying attention to the time. I was more interested in the sites.   Less than 48 hours in Paris.  GO!!!!!

First stop:  Le Louvre.  A strange building and although I’m not an art connoisseur, I guess this is a pretty interesting landmark.  A triangular glass structure, and the museum that holds some of the worlds most famous pieces of art.  Mona Lisa’s painting resides here amongst other famous ones.


Place de la Concorde , this structure can hold its own and I rather like it. Not as tall or spectacular as the Eiffel Tower but it is the site where some interesting people were guillotined.  “Let them eat cake”, said Marie-Antoinette. She and Louis XVI, to name a couple were guillotined right there.  A grim fact, but interesting nonetheless.


We walked the streets and the whole time I thought to myself, I need to come back.  48 hours is just not enough time.  There were so many photos I wanted to take.  I wanted more than just the tourist trap photos.  I wanted to capture the people, the city and just take it all in on my own time.  Unfortunately, the clock was on.


There was eye candy on every corner.  I could have taken picture after picture .  Everything was so impressive.   IMG_2446The people were just as interesting.  They appear to come off as rather rude but they were not.  Despite what I’ve heard about Parisians, it was not the case.  They have an “I don’t care about you” attitude but every one I talked to was more than friendly, helpful and courteous. I was pleasantly surprised and will correct people when they say “Paris folk are rude”.  No more than anywhere else.  It’s just a different vibe.

Notre Dame.   Quite a beautiful church.  I kept looking for Quasimodo to ring the church bells, but no such luck.  This was a place of celebration.  There were street performers, couples walking and holding hands, and others just sitting and enjoying the view.  Notre Dame is surrounded by tiny streets all providing delicious treats, Bistros and beautiful restaurants.  Everything within a short walking distance.


No introduction required.Untitled Design-6  The Eiffel Tower. The visit of a lifetime finally came true. My whole life I’ve dreamt that one day I’d see it in person.   This is such a spectacular structure and I was certainly impressed by it.  I saw it by day and by night and both visits were different in their own way.  The day visit to me seemed more of an excursion, a must see in Paris.  A glass of champagne at the top, and a breath-taking view.  It was interesting to walk around the summit and search for all the other places we’d walked earlier that day, only much smaller. The wait was no more than 1.5 hours all the way to the top, including the security check, ticket purchase and line up to the top.  They had several elevators going at the same time which seemed to speed things up.  All things considered, The Eiffel Tower was fairly priced and not once, did I feel pressured or rushed

We went back to see the tower at night, and that’s when the magic happens.  The tower is even more beautiful lit up.  Every 30 mins the twinkling lights come on and it’s breathtaking.  I don’t think it matters if you’re alone, with a lover or friend but the tower emits some sort of spell that romantacizes the whole experience.  A glass of champagne at the summit at night is an experience in itself.  Sipping on my flute of champagne, I wondered how many marriage proposals have happened up there over all those years.  How many are still married?  Ahhh………l’amour.

Paris, is definitely going to be a return trip but at a more leisurely pace.  The time we had was to short  to absorb everything.   A good tip:  good walking shoes.  They are a must.  The metro service is great and you’re definitely able to get around by foot to everything.  It’s not about the fashion when walking there, it’s about comfort. Wear good shoes!

Back to Hamburg and then back to Canada.  I was lucky to hear that Montreal still hadn’t had any snow.





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