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Europe bound.   Heading back home to Hamburg, Germany with a quick get-a-way to Paris, France.  This is a trip I’ve been waiting for most of my life.  Well, the Hamburg part only the last 20 years,  but Paris, all my life.

Born in Hamburg in the very early 70’s, I’m not a stranger to this lovely place, however, I have not returned in 20 years, so I’m quite anxious to see family, and friends. I’m curious as to how it’s changed too.   I am so looking forward to Schmalz Brot, Currywurst and Heringsalat, just to name a few.

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By chance, I’ve rekindled a friendship with a girl who’s parents and mine were very close for many years back in our youth. Our families would visit each other regularly both here in Canada and back home in Hamburg.  Whenever I flew to Hamburg for Christmas or school holidays I’d always see my friend Melanie and we would have the best of times together.  A few times she came to Canada and stayed for a quick visit with us.  Not sure what happened, but our parents parted ways for some “grown up” reasons and I never saw her again. Thank’s to Facebook , that all changed and we found each other again.  It had been more than 30 years since we last spoke but she managed to find a way to come to Canada for a visit 2 years ago, and the joy was overwhelming.  We just started up again where we left off, never missing a beat in conversation and fun.

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So, this time it’s my turn.  I’m climbing on board a jet plane tomorrow and heading home.  I grew up in Canada.  I was 3 when my parents immigrated here but my heart is still in Hamburg.  I spent so much time back there in my youth and early 20’s that it seems like I never left. All my family was there and to me, it was the only place where I truly felt like I belonged and sometimes I still do today.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Canada and my little home town.   I’ve built an amazing life here and my roots are deeply planted.  I love my family and friends and the life I’ve built here but,  Hamburg will always be my first, true love.

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Melanie and I have planned so many outings. The excitement begins as soon as I step foot onto Hamburg soil.  3 days in Hamburg, then off to Paris for 2,  then back to Hamburg for 3 days before returning to Canada.

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The excitement of this trip is killing me for all the right reasons.  My bags were pretty much all packed a week ago and now I’m just waiting for the time to pass to head out the door and fly.

I am so blessed with this opportunity and intend to make each minute of my visit count.  Looking forward to posting and sharing my adventures with you.






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