horse photoJust over 2 weeks ago, my daughter Sam and her horse Leo moved upwards and onwards to a new barn.  They left for a barn that works with a special group of people.  Autistic and handicapped kids.  Here, Sam works as the barn hand and eventually towards certification to work with the kids as well.  I on the other hand, have signed up for volunteering.  Volunteers with horse experience are a little harder to come by so, why not?


Leo, her Appaloosa was a slaughter bound horse.  He was 14 years old and had less than minimum training when the two bonded.  She has ground trained him to do tricks and to be a patient friend to her and she to him. They have both come a long way and following the natural horsemanship training method seems to be the right fit and the only one we both follow.  Their bond and training is based on trust and an unbreakable partnership.


Enfants en équilibre is a place where kids with special needs can be around horses as though they were their own.  They get to feed, groom and ride the horses along with the   close supervision and help of the trainers and their volunteers.

I invite you to visit their their site and see the wonderful work that co-founders Joannie and Devon have created.


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