Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

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When I heard my bestie was headed on a trip to The Cabot Trail, I thought it would be fun to share some of the interesting things  I saw and did on my journey there in hopes to inspire her along the way.

First, a little history.  The original inhabitants of Cape Breton were MicMac natives.   They blended with the arrival of European setters in 1497  when the Irish, Scottish, English and French were led across the ocean by John Cabot, a famous explorer.   John Cabot claimed the land in Canada (having mistaken it for Asia)  for King Henry VII of England.  These European settlers made Cape Breton their home but over the years, the European population declined.  However, in the 1700’s the population grew again with the Scottish.   Back in Scotland rivalries were building amongst the Scottish clans, allegiances shifting and the massacre of almost an entire clan, the decline of the Highland Clan System was eminent and had already begun. Scottish settlers left their land returning to Cape Breton.   For many generations later, the Scottish pioneers lived like highlanders off Cape Breton.  Intrigued,  but not ignored,  in 1926 the government saw potential for tourism and began the process of building The Cabot Trail which was completed in 1932.     Route 19 (Ceilidh Trail) will lead you to meet the Cabot Trail.  The journey is nothing short of endless rolling hills and spectacular views.  Absolutely, breathless!IMG_0515

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